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Aerospace Tapes

Aerospace Tapes

Aerospace tapes are typically closed cell foam, constructed from either an elastomeric or silicone material.  They are sold either with or without adhesive (PSA) backing. 

Aerospace tapes are used for gasketing, sealing, and cushioning in Aircraft and Spacecraft applications.  Many of the materials are compliant with BMS, FAR, CMS or DMS specifications, can be custom-fabricated, and are typically made from either Elastomeric or Silicone. 

CLOSED CELL ELASTOMERIC TAPE:  Our 680 Series elastomeric tapes are BMS 8-283, flammability to FAR 25.853a and FAR 25.856a compliant.
CLOSED CELL SILICONE TAPE:  Our 690 Series silicone tapes are BMS 1-68, CMS-RB-209, and DMS 1980 compliant. 

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