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Industrial Insulation Fabrication

Insul-Fab serves the needs of a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers worldwide.

Our industrial insulation products & fabrication are often used for electrical safety and thermal management in computer and power supply equipment, noise and vibration-dampening insulators around air conditioning compressors or diesel engines, or as thermal and acoustical barriers for industrial equipment or vehicles.

Although some of the more notable industries that we serve are detailed below, our diverse capabilities, including die cutting and roll slitting, water jet and laser cutting and CNC router cutting and machining, and material offerings allow us to design solutions for a limitless range of markets and applications.

No opportunity is too large or small for our design team. When you choose Insul-Fab, you are choosing a reliable, innovative partner. Contact us today to learn more or reques a quote. 

Industrial Insulation Products - Industrial Insulation Fabrication

HVAC and Appliance

OEM Insulation Solution HVAC - Appliance Insulation Solutions

When it comes to HVAC and appliances, proper insulating and acoustical components are critical to efficient, quiet operation. Learn More

Electronics, Lighting and Power Supply

OEM Insulation Solution Electronics - Lighting Insulation Solutions

Our electromechanical insulation product offering includes flame-retardant polypropylene, thermal interface materials, and EMI Shielding Learn More


OEM Transportation Insulation - Industrial Insulation Transportation

Whether it is a truck, bus, or emergency vehicle, Insul-Fab delivers thermal and acoustical solutions that reduce noise, minimize thermal transmission and dampen vibration, creating a quiet, comfortable ride. Learn More


OEM Industrial Insulation - Close & Open Cell Insulation Supplier

Insul-Fab offers a wide range of open and closed cell foam insulation for use in generators, diesel engines, boilers, pumps, and other mechanical equipment. Learn More

Military and Aerospace

Military Insulation Solution - Aerospace - Custom Fabricated Plastics Parts

In the exacting world of military and aerospace, where weight, space and performance are critical, Insul-Fab provides premium solutions for resistance to extreme temperature and environmental conditions. Learn More

Medical and Healthcare

Contract Manufacturer for Medical and Healthcare Industries

As a contract manufacturer for leading medical and healthcare companies, Insul-Fab manufactures medical peripherals from surgical disposables and pads to trays and packaging inserts. Learn More

Electrification and Energy Storage

Electrification and Energy Storage - Battery and Charging Solutions

Electrification and Energy Storage devices need thermal and electrical management materials for performance and safety. For electrifying designs, we have powerful solutions. Learn More

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