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Fujipoly Thermal Interface Materials

Fujipoly Thermal Interface Materials

Fujipoly SARCON® is a family of thermal interface materials (TIMs) made from an advanced silicone rubber with high thermal conductivity and superior flame-retardancy. SARCON® is available as thermal gap filler, thin film interface, grease, and dispense-in-place products

Insul-Fab is proud to be an Authorized Distributor and Converter of Fujipoly thermal interface materials, offering custom SARCON® parts that are fabricated under a rigorous AS9100 certified quality system, with short lead times, competitive pricing, and low minimums. Many Fujipoly products offer superior performance and high value compared to similar materials from well-known manufacturers. 

View our Fujipoly SARCON® product guide (PDF).

Product Types  



Thickness Range(mm)

Pliable and tacky silicone interface pads for filling gaps and porous surfaces.  High heat conductivity and low thermal resistance.  
0.3 to 5.0
Thin, durable thermally conductive silicone rubber.  Some versions reinforced with glass-fiber core.  High dielectric insulation.
0.15 to 0.85
Dispense In Place
One-part form in place and two-part curing gap fillers.  Low viscosity and low compression force with high heat transfer for irregular gaps.



  • Flame-retardant and heat-stable silicone materials
  • Diverse product range for application type and thermal transfer required
  • UL listed for flammability  UL File Number E58126 
  • Improve performance and extended lifespan of components
  • Custom parts, rolls, and sheets available
  • Extensive fast-turn prototype and converting with INSUL-FAB's diverse capabilities


Fujipoly SARCON® products are used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer electrical and electronic applications for heat transfer and insulation.  Product applications include:

  • Computing, controllers, and sensors
  • Electric vehicle battery packs and charging equipment
  • Heater interface
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Lighting and other LED applications
  • Medical devices


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