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Conductive Gasket for Diagnostic Medical Imaging Equipment

Success Story: Conductive Gasket

SUCCESS STORIES share actual product applications using the strength of Insul-Fab's capabilities and supplier relationships to solve customer challenges.

The Challenge

EMC engineers at a diagnostic imaging division in a southeast, U.S. health care manufacturer found themselves in need of a solution for their “electrical medical device.” The power source for their imaging device required an electromagnetic induction, or EMI, shielding solution. Their solution needed to perform efficiently in an inherent electromagnetic environment, or EMC, while simultaneously not producing unacceptable levels of EMI interference to neighboring components.

The Solution

InsulFab relied on many years of material knowledge and design experience to quickly present a solution. Based on performance criteria described during meetings with the customer, we presented InsulFab’s IFT- CF2.  IFT- CF2 is a Conductive Foam Gasketing material composed of a Nickel-plated Copper fabric over conductive polyurethane foam. IFT- CF2 provided excellent surface resistivity (.05 ohms/square) and overall shielding effectiveness attenuation at 83 db up to 1 GHz. In this specific application, our 1.5mm thickness material proved to be ideal in offering X, Y, and Z conductivity, with low compression force, and conductive adhesive used to laminate the material facilitates grounding continuity after assembly. The part was then die-cut using a standard steel-rule tooling and individually packaged in anti-static bags per specification requirements.

Keys to Success

  • Experience and access to technical materials
  • Ability to understand the requirements and be a trusted advisor to the customer
  • Veteran manufacturing presence in the medical space
  • RoHS and REACH Compliance

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Market: EMI and EMC Solutions

NAICS: 334510

Application: Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, Conductive Gasket for Power Source

Sales Engineer: Larry Huling

Date/Pub ID:SS016, 4/1/2021

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