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Formex EMI Shielding Pouch for Communications Equipment

Success Story: EMI Shielding for Communications Equipment

SUCCESS STORIES share actual product applications using the strength of Insul-Fab's capabilities and supplier relationships to solve customer challenges.

The Challenge

A communications hardware and systems manufacturer in the Southeast U.S. was faced with a board level design issue. A backlight card residing on a controller board needed shielding from electromagnetic interference (EMI).  The backlight card also required high dielectric isolation to protect the components from arcing which would damage vital components.

The Solution

Insulfab’s material knowledge and design expertise proved invaluable in quickly producing a part that could meet both requirements. Formex GK-5BK with 11,000 V of dielectric breakdown strength was laminated to a thin aluminum foil and fabricated to a custom EMI shielding laminate with blunt scores which could be bent to create a protective pouch encapsulating the backlight card. Conductive adhesive strips were placed strategically to aid in attachment and facilitate grounding.  Samples were provided for testing before any tooling was required to be purchased.  The solution went from concept to qualified production supply in approximately 4 weeks.

Keys to Success

  • Large inventory of  ITW Formex products as an Authorized Distributor
  • Ability to understand the problem and focus on the solution
  • Part design to prototyping on a rapid customer timeline
  • RoHS and REACH Compliance


SS010 – 6/17/2020

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