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Insul-Fab presented with the Performance Excellence Award by the Boeing Company

Performance Award Received from Boeing

Insul-Fab is pleased to have been presented with a Performance Excellence Award by one of the world’s largest aerospace OEM, the Boeing Company.

Insul-Fab utilized the AS 9100 Quality System, Epicor ERP Manufacturing software and the dedication of over 150 employees to reach superior supplier performance. Receiving a Performance Excellence Award involves supplying Boeing with defect-free products, utilizing the tools found in Boeing’s quality system, ordering platforms, while also successfully navigating the stringent contract and supply process. Insul-Fab’s performance is monitored and measured by Boeing monthly, and its facility and systems are independently audited by representatives from The Boeing organization on a yearly basis. 

Keys to Success

  • Access to advanced, engineered raw materials based on approved Boeing material specifications
  • Ability to meet Boeing’s strict Guidelines for Quality and Sourcing, including credit, contracting and compliance
  • Analyzing forecasts for 737, 747, 767, 777, and 787 production lines
  • Providing on-time delivery, accommodating account change orders, modified delivery dates and special requests.

 Insul-Fab hopes to continue on this path of success.

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