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Insulation Fabrication Capabilities

Insul-Fab offers a wide range of cutting and fabrication techniques, from traditional die cutting to state-of-the-art laser cutting, waterjet cutting and CNC machining and routing. In addition, we have expanded into three-dimensional part forming and molding, a capability which allows us to manufacture parts with enhanced form, fit and function.

Each year, Insul-Fab makes significant capital investments in our production technologies to enhance our custom plastics machining capabilities, speed, precision, and quality. Not only does Insul-Fab offer the products you need, but we offer various services as well. 

Insul-Fab understands that a fabricator is more than just equipment. Part design, prototyping, and production begin with our experienced team of engineers who design AutoCAD, Solidworks, and Master-Cam software. Some of the custom plastics machining capabilities we offer include die cutting and roll slitting, water jet and laser cutting, CNC router cutting and machining, vacuum thermoforming & molding and more.

Read more about our most common insulation fabrication capabilities below, or feel free to call or contact us to inquire about some of our unique capabilities, such as forming and techniques.


  • In-house tooling manufacture and maintenance ensures built-in precision throughout the part's lifecycle.
  • Wide variety of presses and cutting equipment for optimum yield and efficiency.
  • ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Quality system maintains process control and completed part verification.
Insulation Fabrication Capabilities - Custom Plastics Machining Capabilities

Vacuum Thermoforming & Molding

Vacuum Thermoforming & Molding

Vacuum thermoforming and molding uses heat, vacuum draw and compression to form thermoplastics and polyolefin foams into custom, three dimensional profiles.

Adhesive Manufacturing & Laminating

Adhesive Manufacturing & Laminating

In addition to supplying a full line of adhesives from 3M, Adchem and other leading manufacturers, Insul-Fab manufactures its own line of general purpose adhesives.

Finishing Services

Finishing Services

Whether sewing, scoring, folding, tape placement or kitting, Insul-Fab provides a variety of finishing services to make customer parts ready for production line installation.

Radio Frequency Sealing & Welding

Radio Frequency and Heat Sealing

Radio Frequency Sealing and Heat Sealing are efficient methods of welding certain thin polymer films and nonwovens to create a strong bond capable of leak-proof seals.

CNC Router Cutting and Machining

Custom CNC Routing for Insulation - CNC Router Machining Services for Foam & Plastics

CNC router cutting and machining is a fast, accurate method for trimming plastics, metals, and other rigid materials.

Die Cutting and Roll Slitting

Custom High-Speed Die Cutting - Custom Precision Die Cutting

Die cutting with steel rule and engraved rotary dies produces tight tolerance parts from foam, plastics, fiberglass, rubber, foils and adhesives.

Water Jet and Laser Cutting

Waterjet Cutting Foam Fabrication - Waterjet Cutting Foam & Plastics

Controlled by CNC interface, water jet and laser cutting are ideal methods for cutting a variety of materials without the need for tooling.

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