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Thermal Interface Materials (TIM): Your FAQs Answered

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM's)

July 20, 2023:

When it comes to OEM electronics and power device designs, thermal management is critical for optimal functioning and reliability. Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) play a crucial role in ensuring that heat is dissipated from critical design components and efficiently transferred to the surrounding environment.  

At InsulFab, we offer and fabricate a wide range of high-quality TIMs that are feature-driven to meet the specific needs of each OEM project. Let’s take a look at some FAQ from our thermal design team:

Benefits of a Thermal Interface Material? Choosing the right TIMs can improve the operation, reliability, and lifespan of your design, while also reducing the risk of overheating, performance degradation, and catastrophic system failure.

Where do you source your raw materials? We believe that quality and performance matter, so we only use raw materials sourced from industry-leading manufacturers such as Fujipoly, 3M, and Henkel/Bergquist who have a proven track record of supplying precision materials.

What general categories of TIM materials do you offer? We offergap fillers, thin films, and dispensable products. Gap fillers are subcategorized by their compressibility, with some as soft as putty. Most thin films have a reinforcement for dimensional stability or puncture resistance. Dispensable types include 2-part curing, 1-part non-curing, and traditional thermal grease.

Do you offer flexibility if I need a unique material? Absolutely! We have many industry connections and can often source materials that our competitors simply cannot. Whether you have specific need for thickness, compression attributes, oil bleeding, thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, or method of use in assembly... we can usually find what you need! 

Do you offer custom-fabrication of Thermal Interface Materials? We sure do!  We can die-cut, cross-cut, and water jet your selected raw material into a “ready-to-drop-in” finished TIM product that can quickly be integrated into your final design. 

If I have a question, can I pick up a phone and talk to a human at Insul-Fab?  Absolutely! Unlike business models that are more “catalog” like in nature (where your product is ordered from an overseas warehouse, and you’ll never reach a human if you need help), our primary fabrication site is located right here in Texas, under the same roof as our technical experts, sales teams and corporate offices. All phases of your design and acquisition will be handled “in-house,” which is critical in reducing delays or communication errors that can occur when the sales, technical, finance, manufacturing, and shipping departments are not co-located.

Insul-Fab has been providing quality, custom-fabricated products and exceptional customer service for over 50 years. Our team of Dallas-based experts is always available to provide technical support and guidance in selecting the right TIMs for your specific application. With our fast shipping and competitive prices, you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your investment. Contact us today to reach our design team!



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