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Laminating Adhesive Tape

Laminating Adhesive Insulation Tape - Laminating Adhesive Gasket Tape

Laminating adhesives come in many varieties depending on the substrates, surface area, and bonding equipment available. For foam, sponge, and plastics converting, the most common are Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA’s) supplied on a roll with a release liner for the end user to remove for application.

Insul-Fab manufactures insulation and gasketing products using adhesives from recognized industry leaders like 3M™ and Adchem.  We also utilize and offer an economical line of laminating adhesive tape products from our parent company, Concote Corporation.  Concote’s aqueous based adhesive products have been produced for over 20 years in several proven formulations.

Product Information Summary

  • Laminating adhesives (PSA’s) available for foam, plastic, and paper converting applications.
  • Concote brand products available from Insul-Fab’s parent company with over 20 years of proven history.
  • Double coated and transfer type formats with liners up to 60” wide.

Applications of Laminating Adhesive Tape

  • Foam tapes and gaskets
  • Electronics
  • Mounting nameplates and decorative covers
  • Paper products
  • Medical Devices and Disposables
  • Transportation
  • Aircraft and Aerospace

Laminating Adhesive Tape Product Listing

Concote Adhesive Description Application Carrier Type User Side Liner Side
CC530 Transfer Acrylic—Standard Coat Weight General Purpose—Plastics, Metal, Sponge Rubber, Paper None 1.5 mil Acrylic -
CC533 Transfer Acrylic—Heavy Coat Weight General Purpose—Plastics, Metal, Sponge Rubber, Paper None 3.5 mil Acrylic -
CC590A Double Coated Acrylic/Acrylic General Purpose—Plastics, Metal, Sponge Rubber, Paper PET Film 1.5 mil Acrylic 1.5 mil Acrylic
CC591 Differential Double Coated— Rubber/Acrylic Specific Purpose—Polyester/Polyether Open Cell Foam PP Film 2.25 mil Rubber 1.5 mil Acrylic
CC593 Differential Double Coated Acrylic/Acrylic Specific Purpose—Enhanced bond for difficult lamination substrates PET Film 1.5 mil HP Acrylic 1.5 mil Acrylic

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