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Johns Manville OEM Products Secure UL GreenGuard Certification

Our Line of OEM GreenGuard Products Has Expanded Again

Insul-Fab, your trusted provider of insulation solutions, is thrilled to announce that our supplier, Johns Manville, has now achieved prestigious UL GreenGuard and GreenGuard gold certification for even more HVAC, appliance and equipment-friendly products in their lineup.  We are proud to offer GreenGuard materials that have received this coveted achievement… it underscores the dedication both Insul-Fab and Johns Manville have in providing quality solutions that meet rigorous standards for reducing VOC emissions and improving indoor air quality (IAQ).   

Johns Manville OEM GREENGUARD Gold Products:

•   Micromat® RX

•   Spin-Glas® WH XG/Range-Glas® XG*


Johns Manville OEM GREENGUARD Products:

•   Duracore®    (NEWLY CERTIFIED!)

•   Exact-O-Mat®    (NEWLY CERTIFIED!)

•   Exact-O-Board®   (NEWLY CERTIFIED!)

•   Microlite®

•   Micromat®

•   SG Series Spin-Glas®

•  Tuf-Glas®/Valulite®     (NEWLY CERTIFIED!)

•  Tuf-Skin® & Tuf-Skin® II


What is GreenGuard Certification?

GreenGuard and GreenGuard gold certification consists of rigorous, third-party analysis of more than 360 different VOCs (chemical emissions) for a given product to ensure that GreenGuard-certified products contribute less to air contamination, which creates healthier, safer indoor environments.   

In order to be certified, the product must meet specific requirements set forth by UL:

•   GREENGUARD Certification: Total VOC emission rate of 500 ?g/m3

•   GREENGUARD Gold Certification: Total VOC emission rate of 220 ?g/m3


UL is the only recognized tester and issuer of GreenGuard certification.  Materials marked simply as “low-VOC” are often not held to any standard and their “low-VOC,” “green” or “eco-friendly”  claims can be misleading.   GreenGuard is recognized as a reputable certification for low-VOC testing by hundreds of Federal, State, Local and Commercial procurement specifications, regulatory agencies, building codes and standards.


LEED & California Green Building Standards Code (CGBSC)-Friendly Design Options

We understand the importance of environmentally conscious building design and construction. The recent John Manville's OEM GreenGuard certifications support designers and construction professionals in earning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.  Insul-Fab now offers a wider-array of insulation options for OEM’s that are pre-qualified as contributing to LEED points, as GreenGuard is officially recognized by the LEED system and simply having this certification demonstrates compliance with the standard.  So, if you are looking for low-VOC insulation material for your next LEED-pursuing project, these are the same great Johns Manville products that you’ve always trusted… now they just come with a UL certification!  


GreenGuard isn’t a spec requirement for my OEM project.  How can I justify using these products?

We understand that budgets are often tight, and stakeholders won’t always approve purchasing materials that meet a more stringent requirement than is required by the project.  The good news is that there is no additional cost to get a GreenGuard certified product!  It is not an optional upgrade or add-on feature that you’ll have to sell the purchasing department on.  In fact, by leaning forward towards a more environmentally-friendly material, you are staying ahead of the rapid changes in environmental standards and code that HVAC, automotive, appliance, equipment, and other OEM industries are currently experiencing.  Even if GreenGuard certified materials aren’t required on your projects now, they definitely could be in the future. 


Insul-Fab and Johns Manville - A Partnership Towards a Greener Future

Insul-Fab, for over 30 years, has been at the forefront of specification, fabrication, and distribution of products using materials to match the demanding needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Our partnership with Johns Manville only amplifies our joint commitment towards a greener future.  When you choose Insul-Fab as your custom-converter and fabricator of Johns Manville quality insulation products, you're choosing solutions that offer more than just durability and performance - you're selecting an eco-friendly, health-conscious alternative for indoor environments while making a positive impact on the planet.

Contact us at Insul-Fab for more information on how Johns Manville’s OEM GreenGuard-certified solutions can benefit your projects.   Let's accelerate the journey to a greener future, one project at a time.

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