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Acoustic Insulation Blankets & Covers

Acoustic Insulation Blankets - Commercial Acoustic Insulation Covers

In OEM equipment, irregular shapes like pipes and valves require a unique insulation solution. Insul-Fab can specify and design an acoustic insulation blanket or cover to meet your needs in these applications.

Commonly, HVAC systems, generators, compressors, and pumps make unwanted noise in OEM products and require a solution for their emissions. These products usually have irregular shapes and particular problem frequencies that require a unique acoustic insulation solutions. Insul-Fab can specify and design a production volume acoustic insulation blanket or cover to meet your needs in these applications.

Acoustic Insulation Blanket Product Summary

  • Custom designed acoustic insulation covers and blankets for unique shape noise sources.
  • Target specific frequencies with the right layers of acoustic materials to protect against harmful noise.
  • High-quality component addition that’s easily installed or removed.
  • Each application designed for performance and cost optimization.

Using your own acoustic information and testing data, or providing testing services options, we can help develop the acoustic insulation solution for unique shapes and conditions. These acoustic covers often incorporate layers of fiberglass, poly-fiber, or foam insulation for noise insulation, along with barrier layers for lower frequencies when needed.

We offer sewn assemblies, RF sealed vinyl jackets, and thermoformed plastic covers, all manufactured in our own facilities and delivered to your production line with short lead times in ongoing applications. Hook and loop, springs and hooks, or plastic through-hole fasteners are commonly incorporated into the design for installation with easy removal for service in mind.

To provide the best fit, we generally work with the physical object to be insulated, but we can also start with a solid model if that’s all that is available.

Applications for Acoustic Insulation Covers 

  • Compressors (HVAC, Air, and other types)
  • Chillers
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Noisy valves
  • Exhaust pipes

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