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Insul-Fab Enhances Radio-Frequency Sealing Capabilities

Insul-Fab Enhances Radio-Frequency Sealing Capabilities

Insul-Fab has recently made major investments and upgrades to its Radio-Frequency (“RF”) Sealing capabilities in order to produce a leading-edge thermal wrap for patient rehabilitation.  The wraps provide compression and thermal management for rehabilitation of common soft-tissue injuries such as sprains by inflating and circulating chilled water through the wrap, without the need for ice.

The wraps themselves are made from a combination of nylons and ether films, which must be sealed around polyurethane tubing to provide an airtight and watertight seal.  RF sealing provides a high strength bond, which is flexible, but highly durable and leak resistant.  It requires the maintenance of special RF sealing machinery, the ability to manufacture and calibrate precision, hard-tooling, as well as the capability to test each part for tensile strength and leak-resistance.

Insul-Fab’s RF products line has over 25 years of experience sealing a variety of vinyl and nylons films for use in many engineered OEM applications, from acoustic noise enclosures to flexible bladders for industrial or medical device wraps.  



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