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Insulating Foam Solutions for the HVAC and Appliance Market

Success Story: Industrial Valve Insulation Solutions

SUCCESS STORIES share actual product applications using the strength of Insul-Fab's capabilities and supplier relationships to solve customer challenges.


Designers at a valve manufacturing company in the Midwest sought to insulate a three-way valve commonly used in the HVAC and appliance market. This InsulFab customer needed to thermally insulate the valve, while minimizing condensation and sweating. 

The Solution

InsulFab’s knowledge and experience with various materials provided guidance when selecting the perfect solution that met requirements set out by our client. InsulFab recommended the clear choice: a 2 pcf Cross-linked Polyethylene foam. The Cross-linked polyethylene foam allowed the clamshell profile to be easily thermoformed using heat and vacuum pressure, while also providing a lightweight, cost-effective solution that could be affixed to the valve. The customer wished to fasten the insulator with tie wraps or adhesive, so that they could be easily installed and removed for any required repairs or replacements of the valve. Insulfab went above and beyond and provided a product that affixes to the valve so perfectly that it simply did not require ties or adhesives to hold it in place.  

Keys to Success

  • Simple, easy-to-install design
  • Minimal tooling cost for prototype and production molds
  • Ability to let InsulFab reverse-engineer the part, without requiring a customer print
  • Quick-turn prototype and costing

Market: Industrial Valve Manufacturing

NAICS: 332911

Application: Formed, one-piece insulator

Sales Engineer: John Hudson

Manufacturers Rep: Britt Power Devices – Nicole Boren

Date/Pub ID: 5/3/21 SS017

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