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OEM Electrical Insulation Products

OEM Electrical Insulation Products - Electrical Insulation Materials

Most power supplies, computing devices, and power management equipment utilize application specific electrical insulation components. These may be for safety and compliance or as a dual purpose insulation and structural feature of the design.

OEM electronics insulation products require stringent flame retardant specifications to prevent the spread of fire inside enclosures, most of our products are listed UL 94V-0 or VTM-0 for flammability rating of plastics. Some of these products even meet the more demanding UL 94 5VA & 5VB flammability rating.

In both types of applications, Insul-Fab provides electrical insulation materials, as well as material options, and fabrication expertise to provide the right solution to original equipment manufacturers. Volumes large or small can be accommodated with our diverse equipment for cutting, forming, routing, and machining.

Product Information Summary

  • Dielectric films components, featuring ITW Formex® materials (Authorized Distributor).
  • Machined and CNC router cut insulating plastics including glass thermoset laminates (FR4, G10), GPO, Ultem and Delrin (acetal).
  • Extensive converting options with laser and die cutting, CNC machining, laminating, fastener insertion, and heat forming.
  • Fast-turn prototypes and value minded design support available.

Applications of Electrical Insulation Materials

  • Power supplies, transformers, and inverters
  • Surge protectors and UPS systems
  • Servers and personal computers
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Lighting assemblies
  • Medical Devices
  • HVAC Equipment and Appliances

Electrical Insulation Product Listing

Product Type Color Thickness (mils) Features/Benefits
Formex™ GK FRPP Black/White 5-94 Score and fold capability with V-0
Formex™ CND Polycarbonate Black 8-10 Halogen Free with V-0
Lexan FR-700 Polycarbonate Black 10 Cosmetic applications
Lexan FR-60 Polycarbonate Clear 10-30 Clear with V-0 flame rating
Nomex 410 Aramid Paper Tan 2-30 High temperature performance
Mylar/Melinex PET Clear 2-10 Low cost with V-2 flame rating
Formex™GS FRPP White 10-31 ESD Coated Formex™
Valox PBT White 3-30 High reflectivity and temperature

Additional Electrical Insulation Product Information

Dielectric films are commonly used as electrical insulators in power supplies, computers, and other equipment.  Insul-Fab provides these materials in cut to spec sizes for OEM applications using our versatile fabrication equipment.  There are many electrical insulation materials on the market, each with unique properties and benefits.  We can help engineers determine which electrical insulation product best fits the needs of the application for the best price.

Historically, many paper and fiber-based materials have been used in thin film insulation applications.  However, there are newer technologies that provide superior dielectric strength, ability to fold without breaking, extremely low moisture absorption, and better flammability characteristics.  For this reason, Insul-Fab is proud to be an authorized distributor and fabricator of Formex™ products from ITW Formex®.  We find that 80% or more of applications currently using fiber based insulation or other products are better suited for Formex™ GK flame retardant polypropylene.

Related Product Information

  • Electrical Insulation Brochure (PDF)

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