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Added Thermoforming Capabilities

Concote Enhances Thermoforming Capabilities

Each year, Concote makes significant capital investments in its production capabilities. 


In 2016, one of Concote’s major initiatives was to enhance its thermoforming capabilities.  As a result, it purchased a large-bed, Gulden Single Station Thermoformer.  The machine can hold a 48” x 96” mold and has upper and lower independent platens with pneumatic clamping frames for quick cycle production.  Additionally, it has an enclosed, quartz hearting-controlled oven, making it ideal for materials that require precision temperature control, such as heavy gauge plastics and high-density foams.


The new thermoformer, coupled with Concote’s in-house mold production and post-production precision trimming and measuring equipment, make Concote a clear choice for thermoforming and pressure forming three dimensional parts and profiles.


This is just one reason that Boeing has approved Concote to perform thermoforming and thermobonding of parts for its newer-model aircraft. 


In order to request more information on Concote’s thermoforming capabilities, please view our video page or visit the Contact page.

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