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Rogers Corporation Hosts InsulFab at the 2022 Preferred Converter Summit

Rogers Corporation Converter Summit 2022

June 6, 2022 :

Rogers Corporation, makers of performance foam materials under the trade names PORON® and BISCO®, recently hosted its Preferred Converters Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the first week of May.  Although many companies fabricate and convert Rogers Engineered Materials, Preferred Converters maintain high standards of quality, technical capability and customer service ensuring the best possible experience for end-users.  The three-day educational summit focused heavily on electrification of vehicles and equipment.  Significant investment is being made by Rogers and its Preferred Converters, like InsulFab, to meet the design challenges presented by Electric Vehicle battery packs, as well as those of the Electric Vehicle charging and supply equipment.

Learn more about the Rogers BISCO and Rogers PORON materials fabricated by Insul-Fab.

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