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Flexible Cellular Products Guide Now Available

October 7, 2022 :

In response to several customer requests for an easy-to-use product selector guide, Insul-Fab has developed a new swatch card and brochure!

The tri-fold brochure identifies the most common classes of technical foams utilized by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) for insulating and sealing equipment.  The samples provide a physical aspect by showing texture, softness, and cell structure.  The selector guide also contains a convenient summary of each product’s most important physical characteristics, such as density, flammability, compression deflection, and compliance to ASTM standards.   The back cover features a legend for which fabrication methods correspond to each product, making analysis of a products converting capabilities simple. 

Our Sales Engineers will collaborate with you on your design needs to help select the best materials for your applications.  Once the material class is chosen, they can provide in-depth information on the options within that class, the selection of adhesives for attachment, and other aspects of your part design.  Finally, our diverse fabrication capabilities and experienced production team will produce the parts to your specification.

Let us send you our free Flexible Cellular Product Selector to assist you in finding the right product for your application, or simply to keep on hand as a future reference!

Your copy of the Flexible Cellular Product Guide is available by request through the "Ask a Question" form on the right side of this page, or through our Customer Service Team, Sales Engineers, and Manufacturer’s Representatives.  



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