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Custom Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Kits

Custom Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Kits

SUCCESS STORIES share actual product applications using the strength of Insul-Fab's capabilities and supplier relationships to solve customer challenges.

The Challenge

An oil & gas customer was looking for better acoustic and thermal insulation solutions to increase safety and improve equipment performance.  The customer had an ill-fitting patchwork of materials layered together, but the equipment required frequent maintenance and the access points were getting lost behind the blankets of insulation.  As staff regularly needed to interact with the equipment, a high-temperature thermal blanket also needed to protect against burn hazards. 

This was tricky though, as the equipment had multiple protrusions, piping and brackets which made it difficult to properly fit with off-the-shelf insulation.

Additionally, the equipment and insulation are frequently subject to accidental water or oil contamination, so the insulation was repeatedly being compromised and needing replacement.

The Solution

Ampelio Mendez responded to the site visit request, took measurements for several on-site systems (piping, oil/gas separators, noisy metal enclosures, etc) and presented samples to the customers.  After the customer selected their preferred solution, Ampelio and our in-house engineering team produced AutoCAD and SolidWorks engineering drawings for a custom thermal and acoustic insulation kit. 

The kit included a specific acoustic insulation that offers tremendous acoustic damping when placed inside of metal enclosures, pipe wraps, and custom-sewn thermal blankets for their oil/gas separator and other mechanical units. The thermal blankets came with a wide selection of closure systems, with easy-access closures and flaps selected for the protrusions and access points, as well as an acoustic damping insulation layer sewn into the blanket to decrease prolonged noise exposure to their employees.  Ampelio delivered the first custom-fabricated thermal and acoustic insulation kit to the customer. 

The customer was delighted and immediately placed an order for more kits to outfit the rest of their operation.  The beauty of our thermal blanket kit systems is that we keep your custom drawings on-hand.  When you are running low on kits, just give your sales rep a call and we can immediately get more in production. 

Keys to Success

  • Experienced sales engineer’s ability to identify opportunities for improved performance and safety in the field during a site visit
  • Wide variety of thermal and acoustic insulation materials on-hand to craft the perfect OEM thermal blanket kit
  • Vast in-house fabrication capabilities, including waterjet, thermoform, sewing, laminating, and kit assembly

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Market: Heavy Industrial, Oil & Gas

Application: Custom Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Blanket, Pipe Wrap and Metal Enclosure Lining Kits

Sales Engineer: Ampelio Mendez

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