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Composite Acoustic Foam Board

Success Story: Composite Acoustic Foam Board

SUCCESS STORIES share actual product applications using the strength of Insul-Fab's capabilities and supplier relationships to solve customer challenges.


A great alternative to spray-in foam


Insul-Fab routinely receives inquiries for a replacement for spray-in foam insulation, which is messy, low performing and lacks ASTM or flammability standard listings.  Recently, a company that makes MRI RF Shielded Suites needed an acoustic material that would be sandwiched between panels that were constructed from a variety of materials, including foam, plywood, and drywall. 

They partnered with Joe K., one of our experienced sales engineers from the Dallas area, and he recommended our own composite board to the customer.  It consists of acoustical foam encasing a single high-mass barrier, for low-frequency blocking.  The composite board also has an aluminized-facing to provide maximum noise reduction.  When applied to sheet metal, plastic, or wood, the lightweight, 1-1/2” thick board significantly reduces airborne sound.  The customer loved that the material was clean, easy to fabricate and could be applied using their own pressure-sensitive adhesive system.  

This is the same foam board that Insul-Fab has previously incorporated into components of ambulances, spray booth enclosures and hollow metal doors and frames, so we knew it was up to the job!  Our customer couldn’t be more pleased with the end result and we’re proud to know that our products were selected for use in a critical piece of medical equipment that will help healthcare workers take even better care of their patients!

Our composite board is available in standard 54” x 72” sheets or can be custom-fabricated.  Let us help find a solution to block high-frequency or low-frequency noise in your design!


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