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Formex® GL : Flame Retardant Electrical Insulation

Formex® GL

Formex™ GL flame retardant polypropylene is a superior electrical insulation and barrier material for use in industrial and electronic equipment.

The insulating material is available in rolls and sheets and can be fabricated into custom parts.  Insul-Fab is an authorized distributor of Formex GL products and offer our extensive inventory with competitive pricing and quick shipment.

If value-add is needed, Insul-Fab converts Formex™ GL with flexibility, quality, and excellent service.  Volumes large or small can be accommodated with our diverse equipment for cutting, laminating, forming, printing, and machining.

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  • Flame Retardant Polypropylene (FRPP)
  • Excellent score and fold and "living hinge" characteristics
  • Complies with UL 94, CSA, IEC, RoHS and WEEE
  • UL listed 94V-0 or 94VTM-0.  UL Recognized File E121855 
  • Non-hygroscopic ; Very low moisture absorption
  • Temperature rating: 125°C/257°F
  • Rolls and sheets available in full or partial standard stock sizes
  • Value-add fabrication available for prototype and production


Formex™ GL polypropylene flame retardant electrical insulating materials provide superior electric surge shielding in industrial and consumer electronic equipment. It is also useful as a thermal and electrical barrier material which is reflected in its UL 94V-0 Flame Class Rating. Formex™ materials are available as sheets and rolls or and can be fabricated into a wide range of shapes to meet the flammability and dielectric needs of a variety of applications.  Formex™ GL is similar to Formex™ GK in many aspects but it has been formulated with a higher service temperature for broader application range.

Standard Product Availability 

Below is a list of the standard products as they are delivered from the factory.  Insul-Fab can supply smaller rolls or sheets, per request.  

Formex™ GL Products

Formex™ PN Thickness Color Dielectric Breakdown Standard Sizes
16,264 volts
24” Roll
24" x 48"
20,292 volts
24” Roll
24" x 48"


Fabrication is most commonly done with die cutting or laser cutting to acheive a finished part design.  Differrent types of score lines can be applied during the cutting process which allow for the material to be folded neatly into a finished shape, typically during customer assembly.  Formex materials can also be heat formed or thermoformed where more complex geometry or rigid bends are required.  

Adhesive Backing and Lamination

Many Formex design applications require the use of a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for attachment.  Insul-Fab can laminate PSA's to Formex for both bulk material and fabricated part orders.  Formex can also be laminated with other materials, such as aluminum foil, to make EMI shielding laminates.

While many adhesives bond well to Formex products, we recommend the following laminating adhesives. 

Adhesive Construction
3M 467MP and 3M 468MP .002” and .005” unsupported acrylic for
performance applications
3M 9485PC .005” performance acrylic for
small contact areas on large parts
Concote CC530 and CC533 .002" and .004” unsupported acrylic for
economical larger parts


Formex™ products are used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer electrical and electronic applications as electric surge shielding, compliance barriers, electrical insulation, and thermal insulation. It can also be formed into ducts or baffles to channel air flow for heat management in enclosures. Product applications include:

  • Power supplies, transformers, and inverters
  • Electric vehicle battery packs and charging equipment
  • Servers and data storage system
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Lighting
  • UPS and surge protectors
  • Medical Devices
  • HVAC Equipment and Appliances
  • EMI Shielding Laminates


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