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AB 15

AB 15

K-FONIK® AB is an environmentally-friendly CFC-free, flexible open cell sheet product used for acoustic damping, gasketing and thermal insulation.

It is comprised of recycled, closed cell foam that is bonded together with a urethane adhesive. Being a sound absorbing material, K-FONIK® AB reduces sound reflection and transfer by converting sound energy into heat. It is perfect to use in applications such as: 

  • Equipment Rooms
  • Machine Covers
  • Piping
  • Floor Underlayment 




Property Value
Density 15 lb/ft3
25% Compression Resistance 6.5-7.5 psi
50% Compression Set 8% max.
Tensile Strength 10 psi min.
Elongation 25% min.
Flammability UL 94 HBF, 50E
Service Temperature -40oF to 185oF
Sound Absorption 0.70 NRC (1")
Sound Blocking 14 dB
Maximum Thickness 19" (BUN), 1"
Standard Dimensions 59" x 78"





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