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Rogers PORON – PORON® Polyurethanes, Cellular Foam Material

Poron® microcellular polyurethane products are fine pitch open cell foams produced by Rogers Corporation. Their unique properties allow for consistent closure force and very limited compression set in sealing, cushioning, and gap filling applications.

Product Types  

Standard Products 

Specialty Products

    • PORON® Aquapro™ Foams : Enhanced Water Sealing
    • PORON® Condux Plus™ Foams : Thin Conductive
    • PORON® Dura-Shape™ Materials : Supported with PET film
    • PORON® EVExtend : Electric Vehicle Battery Packing
    • PORON® ShockPad Foam : Thin Impact Protection
    • PORON® ShockSeal™ Foams : Thin Impact Protection
    • PORON® SlimGrip™ Foam : Thin and Extremely Compressible
    • PORON® ThinStik™ Materials : Thin Self-Adhesive Foam
    • PORON® V-0 : UL 94 V-0 Rated
    • PORON® VXT™ : Extreme Vibration Isolation


    • Resistance to Stress Relaxation and Compression Set
    • Vibration and Impact Energy Absorption
    • Low Outgassing
    • Broad Service Temperature Range
    • Flame Retardant
    • Fabricates by Die Cutting, Water Jet, and Laser
    • Thickness and Cell Structure Consistency
    • Excellent Technical Assistance and Sample Support


PORON® cellular urethane products are fine pitch open cell foams produced by Rogers Corporation.  Their unique properties allow for consistent closure force and very limited compression set.  They are available in a variety of product types from .004” (.10mm) to .500” (12.7mm) thick for converted applications in sealing, cushioning, and gap filling.  Insul-Fab is proud to be designated a Major Converter for Rogers PORON® and we commonly have many of their standard products in stock for fabrication.

Product Identification System

PORON products are made in with varying density, thickness, sealing capability, compression recovery, and construction characteristics.  Unlike many other foams, PORON is made to intended end-use thickness with a skin on both sides, rather than being skived down from a thicker bun or roll which exposes the cell structure but allows more thickness flexibility.  As a result, typical part drawing specifications call out a PORON product identification.

 Poron Identification System


Standard Product Availability

Within the most common PORON product lines there are many SKUs that are available as standard, and many more that are non-standard but available with minimum orders. Click here for a complete listing of PORON product availability or contact us to find out if the PORON SKU you are looking for is available in stock.

In applications where the desired thickness is not available, Insul-Fab can laminate two layers of material together with adhesive, or we can utilize another substrate, such as Formex or Lexan plastic film, to fill the desired gap and provide part rigidity while maintaining a stack-up of UL rated products for flammability requirements. 

Adhesive Backing and Lamination

Most applications for Rogers PORON Polyurethanes require an adhesive backing with release liner for attachment in the end use, or as an assembly aid.  Insul-Fab laminates PORON materials using pressure sensitive adhesives.  PORON does not contain plasticizers, like many other foam products do, so long term bond strength is maintained.  While many products bond well to PORON, we recommend the following laminating adhesives.

    • 3M 467MP and 3M 468MP   

.002” and .005” unsupported acrylic

    • 3M 9832 and 3M 9832HL

.005” double-coated acrylic

    • Concote CC593

.004” double-coated acrylic

Unsupported acrylic adhesives offer an excellent bond and ability to conform to surface variations.  Double-coated or supported acrylics provide dimensional stability to larger parts or thin cross sections, to prevent stretching during end use application.

Other applications require the addition of a laminated film for surface protection, cosmetics, dimensional stability, or surface sliding.  We have available films such as PET, Formex, and Lexan for these occasions.


    • Environmental Seals
    • Foam Tapes
    • Protective Cases
    • Spacers
    • Motor & Fan Mounts
    • Springs / Rebound Pads
    • Vibration Isolation
    • Appliance Foot Pads
    • Gaskets
    • Sound Damping
    • Air Gap Filling
    • EMI/RFI Shielding



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