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Rubatex Sponge Rubber and Related Materials

sheet   rollRubatex Closed Cell Foam Rubber

Are you looking for products from Rubatex International, LLC?  Insul-Fab has stock on a variety of now hard-to-find products since Rubatex's closure in 2010.  We also have comparable equivalents from lines including Monarch, Ensolite, Armaflex, American National Rubber (ANR) that can replace your specified material if it is no longer available.

Available in rolls, sheets, foam tapes laminated with adhesive, and as fabricated gaskets and other parts.

Products Include:

Rubatex Insulation Foam - Vinyl/Nitrile - such as R1800FS

R310 / R310V / R-310-V    

R326 / R326V / R-326-V    

R411 / R411N / R-411-N   

R421 / R421N / R-421- N   

G231 / G231N / G-231-N