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Insul-Fab Products

productsInsulation - Thermal

Fabricated parts made from fiberglass, foam, and synthetic fiber used to insulate surfaces to prevent heat transmission. Laminations may be incorporated on the open side to incorporated facings for heat reflection, cosmetic appearance, durability, and clean-ability. On the application side, pressure sensitive adhesive may be added for easy liner removal and installation of the part. Common applications include HVAC equipment, commercial and consumer appliances, vehicles, and aircraft. Available in cut parts, rolls, and sheets.

Insulation - Electrical

Durable high dielectric strength plastic and fiber based materials fabricated into parts used for safety and regulatory compliance in electronics equipment including servers, power supplies, electrical cabinets, small devices, etc. We offer a variety of material types and thicknesses to match the application for flammability rating (UL 94), dielectric strength and breakdown (ASTM D-149), color, usage temperature, and score-and-fold capabilities. We are an authorized fabricator and distributor of ITW Formex products including the very versatile Formex GK line. Parts may be produced in small or large quantities using processes such as die cutting, laser cutting, punching, adhesive lamination, heat forming, and printing.

Insulation - Acoustic

Panels, blankets, and smaller parts fabricated from fiberglass, open cell foam, and synthetic fiber used to absorb airborne noise at mid-range to higher frequencies. Septum or decoupler layers may be incorporated to address lower frequency problems. Open surfaces may be faced with materials for cosmetic appearance, durability, and clean-ability. The application side of the part may incorporate pressure sensitive adhesive for easy liner removal and installation. Parts of all sizes are commonly fabricated using die cutting, waterjet cutting, and lamination. Applications include compressors, appliances, vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, and wall panels. products

Compressor Enclosures

Full acoustical enclosures incorporating fiberglass insulation inside of a flexible vinyl outer shell to form custom fit blanket with easy Velcro fasteners for closure. The vinyl shell is shaped and sealed using fast and reliable radio frequency sealing to prevent moisture from wicking into the insulation. Additionally, a septum layer may be incorporated to address lower frequency problems. A high temperature barrier may be used on the inside surface for contact with hot surfaces. For over 20 years, Insul-Fab has been designing, developing, testing, and producing our noise enclosures for use on scroll and reciprocating compressors used in the HVAC industry.

Foam Tapes

Seals and weather stripping made from cellular foam and sponge used in sheet metal assemblies, window and door assemblies, enclosures, vehicles, and aircraft. Closed cell foams such as PVC, neoprene blends, polyethylene, NBR/PVC, and EPDM provide weather tight sealing and long term performance. Open cell sponge made from polyester polyurethane can economically be used for air flow control where minimal pressure differential exists. Double sided foam tapes can be used for attachment and permanent assembly. A variety of base materials, thicknesses, and adhesive combinations are available for specific requirements such as flammability rating (UL 94), color, temperature compressive force, compression set, and cost effectiveness. products

Gaskets, Seals, Pads, Cushions

Any of a wide variety of parts made from closed and open cell foam or sponge from suppliers such as ANR (American National Rubber), Rubatex, E-A-R, Armacell, GaskaTape, or W.T. Burnett. Commonly, adhesive is used on at least one surface from makers such as 3M, Adchem, or Concote. Applications are unlimited and we have fabrication capabilities to service both large and small volume needs with our die cutting and waterjet cutting equipment.

EMI/EMC Solutions

Shielding laminates made from aluminum and copper foil and high dielectric insulation films, die cut to shapes that act as reflective barriers and enclosures. Conductive EMI gasketing for grounding enclosures to I/O connections and other metal to metal contact areas in electronics. Applications are common in medical electronics, computers & servers, telecommunications hardware, gaming equipment, and industrial controls.

Thermal Interface Parts

Thermally conductive, but electrically insulative materials for transferring heat in electronics. Small die cut pads, gap fillers, and thin sheets that can easily be placed in an assembly to conform to the 2 mating surfaces. Applications include small or handheld electronics, medical devices, servers, military and aerospace electronics, and telecommunications equipment. products

Vibration Isolation & Damping

Specialized materials developed to dissipate vibrational energy in structures and to isolate equipment from shock and vibration. Damping parts are most commonly supplied die cut with adhesive for attachment to sheet metal. Isolators are durable foam rubber parts with adhesive cut to size for cushioning and energy absorption between mating surfaces.


Coated pressure sensitive adhesives and double sided foam tapes for lamination and attachment. We incorporate products from well known suppliers as well as our own Concote Coated Products brand into our foam tapes, gaskets, insulators, EMI shields, and other fabricated parts. Concote brand products are economical and available for purchase in bulk roll form by other fabricators.

Plastic Components

Plastics have a seemingly unlimited range of use and methods of fabrication. We can provide parts from film, sheet, rod, tube, or resin in the form of cut parts, laminated rolls, machined parts, die cut with adhesive, thermoformed or injection molded. Insul-Fab is supplied with some of the best plastics the industry has to offer and we can help you select the right material for your job. 

Die Cut Parts

Die cutting is a very diverse and economical process and Insul-Fab has equipment to handle all kinds of steel rule and engraved rotary die cutting jobs. Many soft or semi-hard materials lend themselves well to die cutting including rubber, foam, paper, plastic, foils, leather, fabric, and adhesives. We can supply parts made from materials we offer, or those supplied by our customers.


In addition to the myriad of products listed above, Insul-Fab also frequently participates in projects with its customers that don't easily fit into a predefined category. Our desire and ability to take on selected special projects is one of the things that our customers say makes us quite unique. With the wide variety of fabrication capabilities we have to offer, we have the resources to do things that have never been done before. Give us a call and let us know what you need!