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Insul-Fab Foam Tapes

Insul-Fab manufactures and coverts a complete line of foam tapes for virtually every application.  Applications including sealing, gasketing, fastening, sound isolation, and thermal insulation are all possible with one of our open or closed cell products.  Product Categories include:

NC Series

Neoprene Blend gasket and sealing tapes with a supported acrylic adhesive system.  Flame retardant - passing UL 94 V-0 at most thicknesses.

NV41 Series

Elastomeric vinyl nitrile foam tapes for thermal insulation and sealing.  Meets ASTM E84 25/50 rating for HVAC airstream applications and UL 94 V-0.

VC Series

PVC (Vinyl) Foam Tape for gaskets, sealing, and window and door assembly.  Flame rated for FMVSS 302.  Available in a variety of colors and configurations.

XE Series

Polyethylene foam single sided foam tape for sealing and insulation in moisture prone applications.  Double sided polyethylene foam for attachment and mounting.

ES Series

Polyester polyurethane open cell sponge tape for weatherstipping, air seal.  Rated UL 94 HF-1. 

680 Series 

Aircraft and aerospace grade foam tapes, including the popular 680-1468