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Specialty Tapes and Adhesives

Gasket and Sealing Tapes


Open and Closed Cell Foam Tape : Single Sided

  • Neoprene, PVC, Polyurethane, Vinyl Nitrile, Polyethylene and more
  • Economical product line using our own coated adhesives or specialized performance options
  • Available in rolls, spools, and die cuts for sealing, gasketing, insulating, and cushioning

 Bonding Tapes


Foam Tapes and Film Tapes : Double Sided

  • Double sided foam and film and adhesive impregnated foam mounting tapes
  • Common grades and specialty products including 3M VHB
  • Custom converted to die cut parts and rolls for specialty application or general assembly

 Laminating Adhesives


Free Film Transfer and Double Sided Laminating Adhesives


Fastening Tapes


Hook and Loop Type Tapes 


Conductive Tapes and Adhesives


Foil and Fabric Conductive Tape Products


Non-Slip Tapes


Abrasive and Urethane Non-Skid  Products

  • Abrasive grip surfaces for step areas
  • Urethane non-slip materials for product "feet" and bumpers